Photo Styling Workshop

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Want to know how to style your instagram photos like a pro? I’m holding a styling workshop teaching you everything I know about how to style a beautiful flat-lay, product and lifestyle styling to make your images stand-out and your products sell.

What we’ll cover

1. Basic design and photography principles

2. Coming up with a concept for your shoot

3. Preparing for your shoot – props, background, planning

4. The shoot day – styling, lighting, photography tips

5. Post production tips

6. Practical hands on styling. I will have styling stations set up so you can style your own shots and I can guide you with some helpful tips.


You’ll also walk away with a beautiful styling handbooks covering all the keynotes I talk about… and some discounts from some of my lovely homewares friends too.

Numbers are limited so please be quick, I’d hate for you to miss out.


Saturday 20th July at 10am – 12pm

La Porte Space

87/103 Epsom Rd,


Tell your friends so you can have fun styling together!

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